Acreditação, benchmarking e mortalidade

TitleAcreditação, benchmarking e mortalidade
Publication TypeArtigo de Periódico
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBoto, P, Costa, C, Lopes, S
JournalRevista Portuguesa de Saúde Pública
Keywordsacreditação, benchmarking, estrutura, mortalidade, processos, qualidade, resultados

Given the growing interest in benchmarking and accreditation projects, this study assesses the extent to which participation in these impacts the quality of health care, as measured by riskadjusted in-hospital mortality. The rates of public sector hospitals involved in the HQS and/or JCI accreditation programs, as well as in the IQIP benchmarking scheme, were analysed. Hospital discharge databases from 2001 to 2006 were used to calculate in-hospital mortality. Results were adjusted for patient severity. No statistically significant differences were found between participating and non-participating hospitals, in terms of mortality. One of the strengths of the study is looking at processes not yet analysed in this perspective. Although the authors believe that accreditation and benchmarking programs can bring substantial benefits to the institutions involved in them, at a time when, nationally and internationally, evidence of their effectiveness and costeffectiveness starts being called for, decision makers, be they politicians or managers, need to know if the investment in these programs is worth being generalized, and, given competing options, which looks more promising. The answer, at this moment and in this context, is that none seems associated with better performance. This study should promote a reflection on the impact of these programs in Portuguese hospitals, to help define a more supported and universal strategy for the future.

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